sleep:what is the most comforting thing at night time for you?
    visitor:what creature visits your dreams most often?
    chimes:what sounds are your favorite?
    times:when do you normally awaken?
    marking:describe your tattoos,or tattoos you would like in the future?
    reverie:think of somewhere otherworldly u wish to be within, what is it like there?
    warmth:what do you find most charming in others?
    treat:your favorite sweets ?
    nestle:your most precious plush toy?
    posy:your favorite herbs?
    stories:books you remember from your childhood?
    folk:who is the most fantastical being u have known?
    elder:what do u expect to be like in your elder years?
    home:in what type of environment do you feel most safe?
    finds:what kind of item would you most likely buy from an antique store?
    offering:how do you show others you are fond of them?
    lore:if your life were a tale, how do u expect it would end??
massivelady-tromboner: Hai Sam, yer gay, I'm gay, I like the color blue but I also like your face and you're the best sissy ever, wowow I love you 

we’re both gay and we both like the color blue…


"make me feel, i dare you, because nothing
- inkskinned (via iausi)
Anonymous: That's hot. 

you’re hot

ALSO- pretty happy bc i finaLLY SQUIRTED OMG YAAAASSS